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Tarbone RanchWelcome to the home page for and Tarbone Ranch and Ken Cook Outdoors. Take a virtual tour of our Ranch and enjoy some of our spectacular views of the Wichita Mountains and its wildlife that inhabits our little piece of heaven.

In January of this year Ken Cook passed away of a heart attack. Going through this has been one of the most difficult things imaginable for us. We feel that continuing to manage and run the ranch will be an important part of our healing process. We plan to run hunts and share the outdoors with people just as he did. That is the legacy that he would have wanted.

After retirement from a 30 year career as a professional bass angler, Ken devoted his life efforts to making Tarbone Ranch a destination for others who share our passion for all things wild. Since his death, we have continued to pursue that passion. We offer a limited number of hunting and photographic safari opportunities for the trophy game animals that live here. We strive to produce top end trophies from our herds of deer, elk and bison by allowing them to reach their potential mature size.

To enhance these possibilities, we maintain food plots of several varieties as well as the native grasses. We supplement the native food availability with high protein deer and elk feed to assure the animals have a continuous supply of nutrition to maximize their opportunity to reach maximum size and health.

We have built a hunting cabin on the property to house our guests in a place that is surrounded by the beauty of the Wichita Mountains and animals. It is not a five star lodge, but rather a rustic cabin in the woods with all the necessary amenities to assure our visitors an excellent opportunity to enjoy their stay.

As an update for the past few years, we endured a terrible two yearlong drought during 2011 and 2012. During this time we also suffered a horrific fire that destroyed much of our beautiful forest and we lost many animals. Since that time, we continue to re-build our habitat and animal population. It has been a slow process, but we will persevere in our efforts to re-create a paradise for our visitors, both human and wild.

If you have interest visiting Tarbone Ranch as a hunter or photographer, please contact us for a visit.


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